Inspired by efficiency
Established in 1959 Interroll has grown to become the world’s leading supplier of key products for internal logistics. Whether boxes, pallets or soft goods are to be handled, no other supplier has such a complete product range on offer. That is why system integrators, OEMs and operators select Interroll as their partner for their internal logistics business. Worldwide. The Interroll global network ensures quick delivery and superior service for every local customer. We inspire our customers and provide opportunities for them to increase efficiency.


Interroll is one of the world’s leading specialists within the field of materials handling, logistics and automation.

At the airport you lift your suitcase onto the conveyor belt next to the check-in counter: integrated drum motors and idlers made by Interroll drive the belt and direct your baggage to its destination. – Before soft drinks, packaged foodstuffs and non-food goods can find their way to the supermarket shelves they have to be organised and dispatched by central and regional distribution centres equipped with dynamic pallet or carton flow modules designed by Interroll.

And then there’s the new jacket you ordered from a major mail-order company, processed by an Interroll Crossbelt Sorter at the distribution centre and prepared for immediate dispatch.

Who should read this brochure?
This brochure is all about solutions from Interroll in the area of dynamic storage. If you are the purchasing manager of a rack manufacturer or a global system integrator, a logistics consultant, the production manager of a warehouse or a distribution centre, the CEO of a logistics company or responsible for processes in the area of logistics and warehousing, you are the right person to read this brochure.

What you can expect from Interroll
We are here to lend a helping hand – analysing your turnover of goods, assessing your special requirements and developing tailor-made solutions to meet your individual needs. Whether you are distributing, buffering or storing: Interroll has the right solution to improve your efficiency with the right Return on Investment.

How the distribution of your fast-moving goods gets a more competitive edge.
Solutions from Interroll Dynamic Storage provide customers with tangible benefits

  • Short Return on Investment (2-3 years)thanks to top price-performance ratio with reduced area footprints, reduction in handling equipment, improved productivity and less power consumption
  • Optimised space utilisation: Interroll dynamic storage solutions save up to 60 % space and reduce travel distances up to 80 % with compact, high-density FIFO solutions using separate input and output aisles
  • Considerable time savings with fewer errors through efficient order picking and increased throughput. Examples: 25 % less time with Interroll Cart Pushback vs. drive-in applications; Interroll Carton Flow solutions increase picking performance by up to 65 % compared to conventional shelving systems
  • Environment-friendly energy savings: pallets,containers, cartons and totes smoothly travel on energy-free gravity roller lanes and wheel tracks towards the unloading side
  • Wide range of temperature and hygrometric conditions: Interroll dynamic storage solutions perfectly operate in any environment from -28°C to +35°C and are ideal for cold room applications
  • Minimal maintenance, servicing and repair required: all solutions are tried and tested for hassle-free operation and superior lifetime
  • Maximum operator friendliness due to ingeniously simple technology, easy assembly and ergonomic design
  • Worldwide compatibility with racking and shelving systems from leading manufacturers: integrate flexibly in all racking solutions on a universal level
  • Solutions with the entire DC/warehouse in mind: Interroll dynamic storage products easily combine with integrated conveyor applications, transfer cars, stacker cranes and other related equipment
  • Tried, tested and proven: Interroll dynamic storage modules are tested under real conditions at Interroll's own test centre for utmost precision, superior quality and lifetime

The Interroll product range in the Dynamic Storage Business Unit is classified into 2 families: Pallet Flow and Carton Flow. Both families contain the solution “Roller” and “Wheel” Flow. In addition, Pallet Flow includes the product Cart Pushback, and Carton Flow the product Flex Flow for manufacturing workstations.

You’ve got the pallet, we’ve got the solution

For LIFO applications, Interroll developed its LIFO Speed Controller, which operates without resistance during the storage process and only transfers its brake force to the pallets to be unloaded.
Particular features: : Flow storage modules for lanes of up to 41 pallet positions
Integrated safety separators and speed controllers
Solutions for both FIFO (First-In-First-Out) and LIFO (Last-In-First-Out applications) applications
Solutions also for special pallets and crates
Main advantages: : enhanced safety
greatly improved stock turn and significantly longer service life than with standard controllers
Standard controllers can be easily replaced by LIFO Speed Controllers in existing storage systems.

The solution for crossway storage
Particular features: Individual lanes fitted with wheeled tracks instead of full width rollers
Tandem speed controller integrated aluminium impact and polycarbonate wheels
Compatible with all picking systems
Solutions for crossway pallets in FIFO (First-In-First-Out) applications

Versatile and robust solution for LIFO applications
Particular features: Slide-in carts to handle a diverse range of storage containers and load carriers: pallet movements are operator assisted using gravity
Designed for the efficient deep-storage of two to six pallets in Last-In-Fist-Out applications
More storage levels – ultra-flat cart design
No forklift activity in rack storage lane
Can also be used for buffer purposes, i.e. for the interim storage of goods later to be transferred to dynamic FIFO-based systems

The specialist for varying totes’ widths
Particular features: Designed for loads in the low to medium weight category
Equipped with polycarbonate wheels, separated by removable spacers for versatile wheel spacing
High density storage with up to 90% space utilisation
Light weight lanes: ideal for retrofitting in existing selective racking
A variety of wheel pitches available

Pickking in any industry
Interroll offers global solutions for order processing, picking and conveying (e.g. Interroll Intelliveyor)
Particular features: Multilevel beds with ergonomic features including drop-out trays/carton tilt
High capacity rollers made from high density polyethylene
To be easily integrated in existing installations, e.g. pallet lanes
A variety of options obtainable
Wheel track solution available
Can be comfortably combined with conveyor solutions

FIFO light. For totes, trays and cartons
Particular features: Designed for loads in the medium weight category
Equipped with a continuous row of aluminium rollers in sturdy side profiles
Retrofitting: conventional racking can be transformed into a state-of-the-art dynamic storage system – in a few simple steps
Just one hour for complete retrofit

Dynamic instrument for flexible production synchronisation
Particular features: Three key components: tubes, connectors and roller tracks
Enables to scale back costs associated with internal logistics
Highly effective operations even when small batches are being manufactured
Industry-specific accessories
Flexible adaptation to your logistics thanks to polyvalent construction variants designed for all industrial cultures, in particular the automotive industry

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