Chain Technology at the Highest Level

Market Expansion
  • Our production facilities are both in Europe and Asia, together with the global sales network, Ketten Wulf is one of the Europe's leading and largest manufacturers of conveyor chains & sprockets.
  • Due to our continue market expansion strategy, we are now focusing on the palm oil industry.
  • Today our "Ketten Wulf Competence Center" have jointly develop with various palm oil mill expertise & consultant a brand new high-quality palm oil chains.

4 Important Chain Design
  • To use high quality steel materials for all chain's components and high standard of heat treatment process.
  • Strong & secure chain riveting method between the pins & outer links.
  • The pins and bushes needs to develop an anti-twist design.
  • The outer plates/links of the solid pin chain need to design a raised block on every few pitches.

The KettenWulf Quality Management is certified according to - DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

High frequency testing machines verify the fatigue resistance of the steel qualities used.

Material test: On the breaking load test machine chain pull forces of up to 3.000 KN can be applied to the chain.

Chain Technology at the Highest Level

Illustration 1: Chain bushing with high case-hardening depth for optimum inner and outer wear surface.

Illustration 2: The induction hardened and wear resistant surfaces of the pins offer a long lifetime.

Illustration 3: KettenWulf round- riveting in cross- section.

Illustration 4: An anti-twisting flat on both pins and bushes avoids the turning of pins and bushes in the links plates.

Illustration 5: KettenWulf outside pin protection pressed into every 3rd . Outer link plate.

An optimal press-fit between pin and outer link plate and bushing and inner link plate, as well as the use of highly wear resistant and fatigue endurable materials demonstrate the high-quality and durability of our products. For additional protection, KettenWulf provides a pressed out protection wear pad on every 3rd outer link to prevent the pin head from rubbing against the side tracks.

Using low- and high-alloy steel or induction-hardened heat-treatable steels for the manufacture of chain pins, we achieve a high wear resistance in the chain joint, combined with a high surface hardness and ductile core strength of the individual chain components.

Round-riveting allows for an optimal form-fitting and high degree of material deformation at the pin head area. This additional quality feature helps protect the link plates effectively against lateral strain and impacts so that a high operational safety is guaranteed.

KettenWulf uses anti-twisting flats to avoid any turning of the pins and outer link plates, bushes and inner link plates. This prevents an unwanted elongation of the chain and, as a consequence, maximizes the service life of each chain considerably.

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