These are Cyclo® Drive used for precision control.

They combine the high strength and impact resistance of Cyclo® Drive with very low backlash design. Because they are the component type, they are easy to install in customer machines.

High precision alignment is made possible when combined with servo motors. This line is ideal for application that require higher rigidity and precision stopping. They are used in machine tools, industrial robots and factory automation equipment. The FC-A, F1C-A and F2C-T series are available to suit different types of applications.

The LB series Cyclo Drive can be directly connected to general-purpose servo motors. There are standard backlash models and low 0.1º backlash models. The IB series low backlash reduction gears use Sumitomo-unique planetary gear mechanism.

When combined with servo motors, they can be used in all types of precision alignment applications, such as robots for injection molding machines, machine tools and packaging machines.

Series FA, 1FA
Torque : 11.3 – 524 Kgf.m
Ratio : 29/1 – 119/1
Output FA : Standard
Output : With cross roller bearing on drive 1FA shaft
Series : FT series
Torque : 35 – 400 kgf.m
Ratio : 8/1 – 171/ 1
Output FT : Taper roller bearing

Power 0.3 - 16 KW
Ratio : 6/1- 87/1
Backlash : 3 ars min
Input : Hollow shaft with adapter
plate for all types of servo motors

Torque 0.18 – 38 kgf.m
Ratio : 5/1- 45/1
Backlash : 3.0 min, 10 min
Input : Hollow shaft with adapter
plate for all types of servo motors

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